Our Mission

Our mission:

Our mission is to allow gamers to devote themselves to their passion while protecting themselves from the harmfulness of screens.

We believe in the rise of video games through competition, entertainment and education.

We contribute to its development by offering video game enthusiasts a solution to protect themselves against blue light.


Our story:

It all starts with a discussion between two video game enthusiasts, Jean-Baptiste and Romain, in July 2017. This discussion focuses on the harmful effects of screens.

During this discussion, the two enthusiasts try to find out why -after several hours spent in front of a computer- their eyes get so tired that they can no longer look at a screen for more than 30 seconds!

That's when Jean-Baptiste and Romain start looking for the culprit, conducting their investigation on the Internet.

From this research, they discover a study carried out by Professor Ajith Karunarathne of the University of Toledo (USA). This study shows that blue light is a major threat to our eyes and especially to our retina.

Even worse! After a few hours of research and numerous supporting studies, they discover that blue light is the cause of other harmful effects: blue light also affects our sleep as well as our short-, medium- and long-term vision!

But why, as gamers (those primarily concerned), are we not aware that blue light produced by screens is so bad for our health?

Because nobody had seriously addressed the subject to design an effective solution before.

After this discovery, the two friends decided to join forces and devote all their efforts to solve the issue of blue light.

This ordinary discussion between two video game enthusiasts was going to change the way we perceive screens. GMG Performance was born.

The objective was simple: To prevent this harmful light from reaching our eyes.

The solution was just as simple: Develop lenses that block blue light.

Over the next few months, the two partners developed the first model of glasses to filter out blue light: the GMG Performer.

Five months later, the GMG Optimizer and GMG Oculus made their debut!

They are timelessly stylish and feature transparent lenses that filter blue light and do not distort the original colours of a screen.

In just a few weeks, the GMG Optimizers are among the best-sellers in France, Belgium and Switzerland for the year 2019!

In 2020, GMG Performance is protecting the eyes of tens of thousands of customers in 28 countries around the world.